Daily Dose- Label

via Daily Prompt: Label

I have the money in my pocket, a limited amount

so I’ll have to try my best to make every penny count.

When we’re on the road it’s non perishables

I scan the aisles for,

as much sustenance and variety

as dried goods and cans can hold.

When there’s a kitchen

somewhere in my life

the choices are more abundant but still,

I have to pick and choose,

stretch a buck and do my best

to read each and every label.

Corn syrup, red 40, GMOs,

sugar, sugar, sugar,

“some artificial flavors added,”

what the heck is anhydrous dextrose?



How can I make the right choices

and still keep everyone fed

for less?

So, we started reading labels

and I’m more confounded than before.

Why does everything red, purple or orange

have to have red 40?!

Even my blueberry newtons,

fruit snacks, goldfish crackers too?

Would it be so much harder to use beet juice

than this brain invading goo?

Big business is the bottom line,

and healthcare doesn’t mind

if my family gets a little sick

or takes years to slowly die.

My budget is my own problem,

my family’s health my concern alone

and things are constantly slipping

farther and farther from progress.

So I’ll stroll the aisles and I’ll try

to do the best I can

and maybe someday someone

will let me plant a garden on their land.


Author: kheprisilvanis

I love my life, my family and our traveling adventure. I hate tweakers and bad parenting.

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