Living A[nother] Mother’s Dream

I want to be concise but I’m on one. I often feel overwhelmed in what I now realize is un schooling. I just thought I was a sloppy home school mom. Ironically, lots of families strive for what we have. Now, our lifestyle is a bit extreme for most. Right now we’re housed up due to technical difficulties but, ideally, we live in transit, largely in the Pacific Northwest. My husband plays music and I’m working on picking a saleable item to make. I’m a bit all over the place and led by whim. (I’m a Capricorn and capricious sure can be the name of the game.) Okay, all over the place intro almost done. All this is to say, I started looking at the sites of other un schoolers, getting some perspective and just a bit of comparison. It was actually really amazing. Like I said, I just sort of saw what we have as a bit chaotic but turns out I’m just having a case of the Needless Self Doubts. Why would I be doing what I’m doing if I didn’t start out believing it was the best thing?

Well, I was reading this and not only is it amazing, inspirational, and resonant, the comments really got me thinking!

So many people, especially single mothers, want what we have, but the simple need for food and lodging make it impossible, short of moving in with an accommodating relative or lowering pride to go on assistance. So I’m thinking, there have got to be single mother home school collectives, right? I’ve bumped into or been around people who were involved in extreme versions (a pop up community in the woods, a punk rock house with a couple moms in the mix, a squat house) that aren’t for everyone. Is there a middle of the road here? I’m seeing so many women express the same sentiment, there have to be enough in many communities that these women, if they’re really all in, super committed, would-do-anything-to-make-this-happen could pool resources to share a space, split time working and time educating/cooking/cleaning/etc…right? There was a time when I craved something like this, but we already have a formula and, so far, it’s going great for us.

I guess all I’m trying to accomplish here is to put the idea out there. Is there anyone here right now who has thought about this? Do you know anyone who needs to have it pointed out that others feel the same way?? I keep saying the whole “it takes a village” thing, but I see it as a utopic dream. Utopia literally means “no place.” Does it have to be utopia? Could it happen? It must be happening somewhere, but how do we find out more??


Author: kheprisilvanis

I love my life, my family and our traveling adventure. I hate tweakers and bad parenting.

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