Mission… Possible?

I decided pen pals are a great way for kids to practice penmanship, spelling and conversation skills, as well as learning about other people and maybe other cultures. I started trying to locate another child for my daughter to write to. What I discovered were tons of adults looking for correspondence and so far, no kids,  aside from teachers who search out entire classes to write to their group of students. So I’m wondering if anyone knows or has a child they think would like to exchange letters.

My daughter would be in first grade if we were in the public school system (she’s turning seven in May) , but does fourth grade school work. She’s not a Disney Princess kid. She prefers warrior princesses schooled in defeating the undead, perhaps occasionally riding a Unicorn into battle . She loves scary stories and whimsical poetry, making art and creating potions in the woods. She is magickal. She tells me that, at night when I’m asleep, she casts a spell to make it appear she’s lying in her bed (just in case I get up to check) and then sneaks out to Witch World, which she calls “Wootch World.” That’s why she never wants to get up in the morning. She loves flowers and bugs and finally held her first wild caught snake a couple weeks ago.

I don’t know where to find other six year olds like her, at least in the sense of extreme intelligence with tiny child imagination and maturity (though she would be offended by that last part. She Is mature for her age, nonetheless, six years old with much of what that entails .)

We do home school, but many home school families are religious, which is not for us, this being the reason we have not reached out through home school groups. Any ideas? Info? Please? Feel free to share and/or comment !


Author: kheprisilvanis

I love my life, my family and our traveling adventure. I hate tweakers and bad parenting.

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