Daily Dose – Unravel


She remembers the poem

“Ode to My Socks, ” by Pablo Neruda

like you remember seeing an old friend

a few years ago;

The whimsy, like going back in time

to a better you,

right in the middle of those beloved memories.

” I would be

The perfect pair of handmade socks, ”

She thinks,

imagining the colors,

woven together like the simplest magic.

Simple is often the best sort of thing,

especially now,

when things are anything but.

The old friends will never visit,

she made sure of that,

by trying to encourage them to live better.

They weren’t that sort of friends which,

I suppose,

means they weren’t ever friends at all.

And now

The  twilight and goat skin,

Two immense blackbirds,

became entangled,

snagged on what she supposed was love, but,

being the drooping blossom

of a seed sprouted in rock,

she has the tendency to mistake stone

for fertile soil.

It is an easier mistake to make

than someone who was loved as a child

Can imagine.

And it has come to pass

that the one golden thread

is caught,

but time moves ever onward

with no regard for requests to pause

so that one might stop her soul from unraveling

as the result

of another mistake.

Perhaps she’ll have to settle

for being a metaphorical pile

of lovely yarn;

So many things it has been

or could yet become,

instead,  lying on the floor

taking comfort in its own shapeless vibrance.


after so many times,

you take what you can get.



Daily Dose – Outlier

via Daily Prompt: Outlier

Small, icy orb

Demoted from planet status

In favor of the sweaty, bloated

Gassy spheres

basking in the glow

Of sure destruction.

The ice,

Way out here,


Tries to reassure me

That my outlier status

Is more beautiful than the well accepted melt down

Near a merciless sun.

My soul bears its own illumination.

Daily Dose: Denial

via Daily Prompt: Denial

My husband closes the full screen window,  starts looking for something else to watch.

“I don’t think anything like that ever would have happened,” I say in reflection. “I mean, he was violent sometimes, yeah, but he was more just pathetic .”

My husband laughs  dryly, without humor. “We just watched, what,  four things, about how pathetic men kill their families. I know you don’t want to admit it, and you’ve distanced yourself from it, but you Were just the same as those women.”

Mission… Possible?

I decided pen pals are a great way for kids to practice penmanship, spelling and conversation skills, as well as learning about other people and maybe other cultures. I started trying to locate another child for my daughter to write to. What I discovered were tons of adults looking for correspondence and so far, no kids,  aside from teachers who search out entire classes to write to their group of students. So I’m wondering if anyone knows or has a child they think would like to exchange letters.

My daughter would be in first grade if we were in the public school system (she’s turning seven in May) , but does fourth grade school work. She’s not a Disney Princess kid. She prefers warrior princesses schooled in defeating the undead, perhaps occasionally riding a Unicorn into battle . She loves scary stories and whimsical poetry, making art and creating potions in the woods. She is magickal. She tells me that, at night when I’m asleep, she casts a spell to make it appear she’s lying in her bed (just in case I get up to check) and then sneaks out to Witch World, which she calls “Wootch World.” That’s why she never wants to get up in the morning. She loves flowers and bugs and finally held her first wild caught snake a couple weeks ago.

I don’t know where to find other six year olds like her, at least in the sense of extreme intelligence with tiny child imagination and maturity (though she would be offended by that last part. She Is mature for her age, nonetheless, six years old with much of what that entails .)

We do home school, but many home school families are religious, which is not for us, this being the reason we have not reached out through home school groups. Any ideas? Info? Please? Feel free to share and/or comment !

Daily Dose – Meaningless

I could write a poem. I could be brief and say, “most things” or write a witty haiku to concisely make the same point, but there’s a List of Meaningless Things running through my head and I’m feeling it. Shine on, list. Do your thing!

  • Social Media
  • The news
  • College, insofar as academics are concerned. If your parents will pay thousands of dollars for you to figure out which booze you should never drink and what you like sexually, by all means, it’s a once in a lifetime chance to fuck off and discover yourself, for most people.
  • Public school in general. Don’t kid yourself, it’s just fancy free(-ish) daycare.
  • Voting. I always say it’s like a coloring book – sure, you picked which pretty colors to put on the page and it made you feel special, but that didn’t change the lay out of the thick black lines, did it? (Just ask Florida.)
  • Other’s opinions. Feedback, input, context and perspective are great, if you don’t depend on others to define you.
  • Stuff.
  • Worry.
  • Beauty. Our culture is so obsessed with such fleeting qualities. I remember the old country song about the girl with, what was it first, a glass eye or fake arm? She starts taking off all her fake parts-peg leg, prosthetic arm, glass eye, wig-and by the time she’s done there’s more of her in the chair in the corner than standing before the singer. I can’t help thinking how many girls must enact this routine every night, despite two healthy legs, functioning arms and perfectly good eyes. You can paint, color, insert and strap on a whole fake human!
  • Appearances in general.
  • “Socialization. ” Homeschool families know all about the questions you get asked on this topic. You know that thing I say about all the world’s problems and bad parenting? My kids can wait til they’ve developed their own sense of self, morals and convictions before being subjected to the hoarde.
  • Financial success. Unless stuff really does make you happy, I suppose. It’s success of the soul that truly matters.
  • Relationships with people who only care about themselves, without truly loving themselves.
  • Chatter without substance.
  • Talk without action.
  • Radical political opinions on your social media account.
  • Pop music.
  • Life, on any greater cosmic scale outside this moment.  And isn’t that the beauty of it? My life only matters to me, and those directly within my bubble. I am free to live out simple happiness, so long as my happiness doesn’t stomp out anyone else’s joy. My happiness already resides within me,  it’s my job not to lose track of it or walk away from it towards the heaps of talk and appearance and glimmering junk stacked along the roadside.

Do you agree with my list, or do you think there are points I should reconsider?



It’s one of those words that works better spoken than written, but the idea is poor people gourmet. A falling down drunk guy in Nebraska with a confederate flag tattooed across the back of his head who called himself “The Original Sspider” calls a can o’ alpo with Four Loco dumped on top Poormet. We’ve never gone quite That poor with the ‘met, usually it’s canned stew dumped over instant mashed potatoes, or cream cheese and ham roll ups. Well, tonight the decision to make fish’ n’ chips led to a new one. First off, no food blogger am I, so I share this out of pure elation. I found this fry batter:  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/145853/unbelievable-fish-batter/

Not only is it infinitely customizable in terms of seasonings, but also as far as what you fry. Which leads me to Poormet Mozzarella  Sticks! If you ever buy string cheese for your kids, here’s how to make it last four times as long, because eating one of the fried cheese sticks is as filling as four in their original format. I put some garlic, oregano and extra salt in the batter and the results were astounding! They cooled surprisingly quickly and weren’t at all the rubbery choking hazards served up on appetizer platters, although my husband deemed them “just as good as the ones you get in a restaurant.”

If you try this let me know what you thought, and if your family approved! Be sure to tell me what you fried and how you seasoned because we love to try new stuff!

Cheers and cheese!